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My art was originally inspired by the beautiful surroundings around my childhood home in Bracebridge, Ontario. This small town lies deep in the heart  of Muskoka and the area is noted for its seasonal displays that dazzle the eye. I quickly discovered the four seasons allowed the artist in me to really see the world and appreciate the richness of colors that embrace and surround us each and every day. 

When I moved to Toronto I quickly became immersed in my education, teaching and raising a young family. My creativity was channeled into the classroom where I had a very attentive audience. As an English teacher I had my students analyze their readings through murals, collages and illustrations. This made for interesting work indeed!


In 2005, during a summer art course at the Haliburton School of the Arts I discovered a new (at least to me) medium: that of 'Encaustic' art. Instantly, I fell in love! The process itself became my inspiration. I love the smell of fresh melted beeswax and the uniqueness and variety of tools used in creating a finished piece. Using a heat gun allows vibrantly colored wax to flow across a canvas. Sculpting tools and irons then carve creating grids and layers of wax to great effect. In this Encaustic medium I have learned when to take control and when to allow for the wax to surprise and delight me. 

My pieces range from realistic impression to abstracts to....???? There is also a range in size with the smallest being 4"x 6" cards (with envelopes) to the largest (on wood) that can be as large as 5' x 7' and beyond. 

Truly, this medium allows the 'art' to melt in your mind...........