Bees Knees Artistry
Art That Melts In Your Mind

My art was originally inspired by the beautiful surroundings of my childhood home in Bracebridge, Ontario. This small town lies deep in the heart of Muskoka; an area noted for its seasonal displays that dazzle the eye.

I quickly discovered that these changes allowed the artist in me to really see..........continued 

                                        WHAT'S ENCAUSTIC?

In 1956, a film entitled 'Lust For Life' was made about the life and times of the great artist Vincent Van Gogh. His creative output was enormous and he was known to have painted with great speed. Once scene in the film involves Vincent (played by Kirk Douglas) talking - more like arguing really - with fellow artist Paul Gauguin (played by Anthony Quinn) about Van Gogh's work. Paul seems not to like the paintings and dismisses them out-of-hand.

Paul, You paint to fast!"
To which Vincent replies, "You look to fast!"

I mention this fact because to paint 'Encaustic' is to be purely in the moment. 'Encaustic' comes............ continued