Bees Knees Artistry
Art That Melts In Your Mind

Creating art has been a part of me for most of my adult life. Having lived for many years in Bracebridge in the Muskokas, many earlier paintings were mostly of landscapes, and done with a pallet knife and oil paints. Then I moved to Toronto where I discovered and fell in love with 'Encaustic' art. It is a medium like no other and the process of creation is an inspiration unto itself. I love the smell of the melted beeswax, and the uniqueness and variety of effects that can be achieved using a wide range of tools. The process is both playful and joyful, and the media itself offers a unique sense of exploration. Melted beeswax, sculpting tools and an infinite array of colours allows the mind to weave myriad ideas into finished art.

Currently, I live in Belleville and my surroundings offer a unique sense of exploration; one conveyed on wood through a flow of wax.  


Art that melts in your mind.....